It’s the journey, not the destination.

I (potentially) got stupid a couple nights ago. That’s what TV will do.

I’ve decided I want to compete on American Ninja Warrior. At worst, I will be stronger, faster, and more confident In dealing with MS. At best, I will prove I am stronger than I ever thought.

In a month,  I’d like to participate in a 5K run-walk honoring fallen officer Buddy Christian. In a year, I’d like to be back in martial arts, specifically kami bushi kai, and working through the last half of my black belt journey. In two years, I want to be ready to compete, if not pregnant with our second child.

I want to do this not only for myself and my family,  but for every MS warrior that is or has been like me: afraid to start, afraid to stop, unsure whether to shit or go want to be proof that MS is not a death sentence, just a life sentence that you can not only survive, but thrive under. MS will only slow you down – the only thing that will stop you is a lack of faith and perseverance. I can do anyrhing I put my mind to. Daddy used to tell me that all the time; I find that nothing but the obstacles have truly changed.

I have MS, but it does not have me.