Changing our world, one thing at a time.

Thoughts move through my brain at about a billion miles a second anymore, probably because I don’t recall like I used to. But, the thought for now is this: if you are looking for a way to take back control after any diagnosis, especially multiple sclerosis, try your diet. I decided to change over to paleo after hearing all the talk in the community, and talking with paleo converts over at NerdFitness. If multiple sclerosis is the result of an attack from the immune system on the nervous system, resulting in inflammation; and paleo reduces general inflammation symptoms by removing gluten, which is said to cause inflammation in the body; then why wouldn’t you immediately go paleo after being diagnosed? I asked myself this after starting down this road, and after a long space of forgetting my shots, I have no idea why not. But I should have done this earlier.

My son and I are both going paleo. The two of us and Abram (the very important dog) are all living grain-free. Both boys have already shown huge steps in improvement since going grain-free – both have ultra-sensitive skin, and were experiencing rashes up until 3-4 days after doing paleo (or grain-free, in terms of the dog). Now? All clear. I’m not proud I went five days without any medication, but I did, and was paleo the whole way. No reaction, no flare, nothing! How exciting is that? Also, So Delicious chocolate ice cream tastes like a Almond Joy without the nuts – greatest thing EVER when you’re recovering from a double tooth extraction and trying to come off painkillers. I’ve since heard about the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP)¬†and don’t know that I could go that extreme on a whim, but if things were (or get) worse, I might be inclined to change my mind. I’m not willing to completely sign my well-being over to anyone other than my husband, regardless of how much I like them or the degree on their clinic wall. I’ve lost control of so much to this disease, the things I have left are precious to me – the couple of months when I was so debilitated I couldn’t pick up or put down my son from his crib were the most emotionally destructive days of my life. The removal of my ability to be a hands-on mother – hell, the ability to take a shower without someone checking on me every ten minutes – was so powerful that the emotions remain with me to this day, and will probably never leave me until I die. Remembering the helplessness I experienced for that (relatively) short time, I would do anything to keep control as well as I could of my own life and limb – and if paleo, or even AIP, is the way to do that, I’ll jump in with both feet.