My boy will always make me proud.

This wasn’t started as a self-aggrandizing “greatest Mom ever”, typical mommy blog – i started this as a way to reach out to other MS patients, and share my story as a warrior against MS, and as a mother to a young son. who is the absolute light of my life, and my husband’s life, too. Right now, my boy is learning snd exploring at an amazing rate, and I feel like a new mommy blogger as I type this. But I keep thinking of a cousin (by marriage) with two kids, the older of which has learned to be a whiny brat of a child when he doesn’t get his way snd only eats chicken nuggets, cheese quesadillas, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate chip cookies. How does a child expand as he grows, living on that? How does a mother allow that to perpetuate? He’s in kindergarten, and he eats 5 things! My son is 14 months old, snd he ate homemade meatloaf and sweet potato tonight for supper, with enthusiasm!

He has never had a soft drink (we can fight sbout that in a few years, since his grandparents are unapologetically addicted to Coke). I’m not anti-junk food, don’t get me wrong, but I want the best for my only son – especially as he has a predisposition for lactose intolerance, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, skin cancer, and diabetes.Which is the biggest reason he is my dietary partner in the transition to paleo – feeding my kid real food, with only slightly more work, and reap a great load of short- and long-term benefits for us both? Hell yeah! Any dedicated mother would jump on the chance to make their child’s life better, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, to the best of my ability. God has ensured that I cannot work – my MS gets in the way of seeing a screen accurately, type more than 50 wpm, or write clearly, not to mention I’d never know if I could make it to work day-to-day – so I’m dedicated instead to doing the best at my best job ever imagined as wife and mother. I’m not a great housekeeper, or chauffeur, or banking agent, but I am a good wife, snd a hell of a great mother. For right now, at his age, that means making sure that he is safe while he plays, and he gets the best at every meal.

I know that my son will always make me proud, because he been our pride and joy from the moment we knew he had been gifted to us. I know that even as he gets to an age where his fight for independence will get the better of him, I will still be proud of him. And it will have started with all-beef hot dogs, meatloaf, and sweet potatoes. You have to start somewhere.