Can’t fix stupid.

I follow a blogger who is a GF-for-MS afvocate. She has multiple children, and I really liked seeing her updates. I have been encouraged by reading her updates about being pregnant with MS, and raising older kids in the process. I was all on board with her, until today. Why today?

Because she advocated marijuana use as an alternative to tobacco.

Let me get this out of my system: STUPID.

Largely, marijuana is still an illegal substance in the U.S. There are areas that have allowances for medical marijuana,  but they are definitely in the minority. Recommending that your followers switch from tobacco to weed isn’t the best statement from anyone,  much less a mother of three with one on the way.

Anyone, by the way,  who tries to rebut this with the age-old “but marijuana doesn’t hurt anybody. ” Bullshit. Some users don’t experience any negative effects. A great many do, and often their experience ends in jailtime, if not injury AND jailtime. Illegal substance is against the law no matter what “proof” you have for MJ to be worth it.

If a jail stint is worth it in addition to a chronic disease that (for now) will never go away or be healed, then take off. Fly high.  I’ll stick with changing diet.


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