Cleaning house.

I was not brought up on a Cleaver kinda house. Dad was a selective cleaner (as in, twice a year – and no, I’m not kidding),  and Mom had too much stuff I wasn’t allowed to get into. Plus, all the moving I did (5 states between 1st and 8th grade, multiple houses, divorced parents) kind of made cleaning seem pretty useless in the sense of ‘why bother, we’ll be gone in a year.’ I regret that now, because I live in a house of four adults, a toddler, and a puppy two adults, two pre-teens, a toddler, and a puppy; and I am the one who cleans. The toddler… well, obvious; he and the puppy are about on par, apart from the house-breaking. The “pre-teens” clean nothing effectively,  but sure do manage to dick up a lot of stuff in little time. One adult works a high-stress job on night shift, and I’m home all day… so you see where this is going.

I have cleaned the house (the “company” part, anyway) six times in tbe past week and a half. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Now I’m just sick of not knowing what I’m doing when I get up,  or where to find anything. Seriously – our part of the house (bedroom and nursery) hasn’t been touched in the better part of a month because it’s last in the list. Nobody sees it but us, and every time I get done with the rest of the house, I have to turn right back around and do it alk over!  Ridiculous.

Regardless if ridiculousness,  I’ve turned back to The FlyLady, complete with phone apps to make it easier to remember what I’m doing and what’s next. I’m not expecting miracles, but at least I can stay on top of this (sort of) and get a routine back in place the boy is already doing good at bedtime around 2030-2100 with one nap a day, so let’s see what other miracles I can shake out of the universe. If anyone’s got any tops for managing a SDiT in growing pains, a 1-year-old boy stuck on full blast, a night shift husband, two in-laws, and all the mess that comes with it; please let me in on your secret.


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