Taking back control.

MS is an invisible disorder that affects so many things, and different things for so many people. I am usually fine, on the outside, which makes it hard for people to understand why I can’t read something, why I have a dog where most people don’t take dogs, why I carry my son (still, some say) in a sling or a backpack instead of in my arms, why I (sometimes) can’t speak or hear or walk. MS has affected me this way, though not always or every day. Some weeks I’m doing good to stand upright, or pick my son up from his crib, if I’m very lucky. Some months I can’t take two steps on my own without a cane, or a wall to lean on. For the past month, I have been able to walk fairly well, even feeling well enough to drive in a limited capacity (depending on the weather or the brightness of the sunlight). Soon, I’m going to start making a point of going to the range again, since I need to renew my CCL soon and I don’t feel I would be a terribly responsible gun owner if I didn’t get in some practice (especially if I actually needed to use my gun, and being married to a LEO).

Basically, my life has felt like it has rapidly spiralled out of my own domain since January, and I haven’t been able to get it back until recently. My first step in taking control of my life again was picking up my SDIT, Abram, from 5L German Shepherd Kennel in North Carolina (which, by the way, I will shamelessly plug as a source for anyone looking for an EXCELLENT family dog prospect, 5L breeds specifically for family-friendly traits and not for working/police attributes). Now my second step is to start transitioning to paleo; after all the posts I have been seeing on PaleoHacks and Facebook link-throughs (Cave Girl Eats, Civilized Caveman Cooking, PaleoHacks, NerdFitness) for auto-immune, I really feel like changing my diet is the best place to start before I start on an exercise routine too heavily.  At the least, if others’ changes are true, then I can at least bet on losing weight, at most cutting out potential flares or MS-related issues on a regular basis, if not permanently. Being that I intend to strength-train on the Bowflex and via bodyweight at some point, I think losing nonessential  weight would be the best option, in addition to cutting out the inflammatoryy response of grains.

All things told, this is my response to multiple sclerosis trying to take over and control my life by keeping me from doing what I want to do (driving, going out with my husband to supper or a movie or a park or the range). I will not allow a disease, that otherwise I cannot control and has no intelligence, to control MY life and my overall well-being. I am going to FIGHT like hell, and live MY life by MY rules. I will not live according to a disease!


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